Standard GRIP Cable DUCTS

Cable Management Systems in Composite Materials

GRP-cable ducts produced by the continuous Pultrusion process offers an effective protection for the cables against external influences. The pultrusion process allows cable ducts with various cross sections in different resin formulations. The length of the profiles or cable ducts is unlimited.

Pultruded cable ducts are the perfect solution in tunnels, bridges, railways, metro and airports because they are resistant to corrosion and with the choice of the perfect resin formulation selfex- tinguishing and nonhalogen.

In offshore applications, GRP cable ducts are particularly suited to reduce the life cycle costs in the harsh marine environment. They resist most chemicals and are perfectly adapted for such application.

Composite profiles are increasingly used instead of aluminium and steel due to their resistance to chemicals, corrosion, thermal and electrical insulation capacity. Their low weight makes these cable ducts easy to handle.

GRP cable ducts are offered from 50 mm width up to 600 mm. The cable duct consists of a trough and a lid. The lid is fitted by simply snap- ping it into the cable trough and it can be reopened.

GRP Cable Management Composite Materials

GRP-Cable Trays are characterised by their extreme resistance, they do not conduct electricity, withstand against heat, sun and cold. GRP-Cable Trays provides reliable cable support in corrosive application. The standard program of GRP-Cable Trays varies from 50 mm width up to a maximum width of 600 mm. Both Polyester and Acrylic resin systems are available for the standard GRP-Cable Trays program. The Cable Trays are manufactured by pultrusion which is a technology representing the best solution to manufacture the most suitable products for cable-management.

Polyester resin combines a perfect price-performance ratio. Applications with a higher demand in fire protection and smoke emission e.g. in tunnels will be executed with a high quality Acrylic resin. The GRP-Cable Trays produced with Acrylic resin are halogenfree.