GRP Noise Protection

The greater demand for mobility is leading to increased traffic volume and frequency between urban centers.  Noise pollution is compounded by increased mobility demands and expanding populations.  More people are being exposed to growing levels of noise pollution. 

To protect the population from excessive noise levels Switzerland has mandated legislation for « Noise Reduction Along The Rails » effective March 2000.  This legislation demands that all the swiss railways reduce noise emission levels.  To comply with these regulations, among other measures, a multitude of noise protection walls are planned.

« Bar b » and « Bar s » have been specifically designed and tested to achieve maximum function for load bearing structures of noise protection walls. « Bar b » and « Bar s » are GRP-profiles, which have been accepted by the Swiss Railway SBB.  The design is light in weight and has superior corrosion and alkaline resistance.  Additionally GRP noise protection posts do not require grounding.